Development Team

Thumb Wizards Thumb Wizards is an app development company featuring more than 20 apps for translation, entertainment, gaming, music, remotes, small businesses for iPad, iPhone and Android.  Thumb Wizards wants to fuel consumers awareness and integration with only the best, and easiest to use Apps, providing both interesting, entertaining & informational awareness into the amazing capabilities of technologies available to you, today.  Thumb Wizards has dedicated many years of working with these devices, and is watching the world transform from a no-Pad to iPad experience.  Along with the entertainment competencies of the business, Thumb Wizards looks into the future of mobility by enhancing the delivery of effective technology solutions.

Mark Perkins  

App stores are growing and constantly changing as the applications available to us today are providing an enhanced quality of organization and task-management that has never been seen before.   High powered mobile devices & cloud computing has teamed with increasing speed, simplicity of use, & availability of information, which looked at intelligently, can offer a glimpse into the realities that our day-to-day life’s are becoming.  All companies have important decisions to make today, as they should prepare for a high tech future with steady and consistent paces. These technological changes are exponentially increasing, and the availability of simplifying any task is becoming an unlimited boundary assisted by imagination. The importance into making the right decisions and adopting the best technology will help eliminate many potential pitfalls and shortcomings that are created by a dogmatic and static view towards new innovations.  By simply taking a logical view of the present trends and courses within technology today, the solutions available can enhance success throughout the context of any company's goals.

Brian Ostreicher Amanda Kremhelmer

Rapid growth & merging of the parties responsible for this new technology will soon prove to be a large governing part within the playground of future society, and we will participate as unique potentials rise with incredible growth.  Devices on their way will give solutions to increasing awareness by allowing our society to transition themselves and the world around them into digital representations that can be easily taken on the go. The information you allow these mobile devices to integrate into your lifestyle will start working for you right away, providing an extension of yourself to the world around you, that would otherwise be impossible to manage. Devices such as the iPad are simplifying this flow of information for you and the mobile capabilities coming soon will be renaissance in stretching the boundaries of your imagination well into exponentially evolving technologies.